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Book worms

August 26, 2011

After a lazy beginning of the day Casey and I decided to devote the second half of our day being productive and getting our studying on.

In the long list of the many things we need to do, the top of the list is finishing our certifications. Casey is already certified and is just in the process of re-certifying but a new association, ACE! Along with the personal training certification she needs to re-certify for CPR, which shes taking in the morning. Myself on the other hand, have taken MANY MANY, 3 years of to be exact, of exercise science and nutrition courses but have not taken a certification test yet. So I am slowly but surely tackling my NASM book, DVD and study guides so I can finally have at least one certification under my belt!


With a few food breaks and intermittent blog breaks for me and statistics homework for Casey (which I really should be doing as well) we decided to end our studying for the night. The plan WAS to go to the gym, but Casey HAD to watch the A’s game. By that time, what we thought was going to be a night gym sesh turned into this:

and this

So now were going to lay on the couch and enjoy a relaxing night in and watch Arthur! See you in the morning!

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