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…but I’m too busy

September 23, 2011

Hi friends!

Hows everyone’s morning going? Were keeping ourselves busy today with errands, and about to head to the gym for a nice leg workout! But first we wanted to talk about how to keep yourself healthy, active and making healthier choices while on the go and busy with work or school… or both!

Now these are just things that work for us, they are suggestions, not a “prescription” per say to what you need to be doing everyday!

How to eat healthy… when you’re too busy:

1) make staple foods for the week on Sundays, and get all your prep work out of the way

  •  cook quinoa, brown rice or other grains for the week on Sunday that way you can throw together a recipe in a snap!
  • Slice up some bell pepper, cucumber, and carrots, and put in a baggie, that way you can take them with you to work with some hummus for an easy snack

2) pack your lunch the night before

  • If you do this then you just throw everything in a lunch pail and you are good to go for the rest of the day, and don’t have to vending machines or greasy options
  • also making a little extra at dinner time is a great way to have lunch for the next day, just put it in a tubberware and bring it with you for lunch!
  • keep easy snacks in the refrigerator so you can have options when it comes to packing your lunch, our staples are  Greek yogurt, hummus and vegetables, trail mix, fresh fruit, and lara bars or any other favorite bar.   

3) keep a bar or a pre-portioned bag of nuts or trail mix always with you

  • this is great if you’re out and don’t have anything with you but your purse, keep a bar or some trail mix that way you can snack on that instead of either staying hungry or choosing an unhealthy option while out

4) if you’re not sure if its healthy or not, ALWAYS check the nutrition label

  • what we like to focus on is unprocessed foods, check the label and look at the ingredients list, aim for the first 5 items on the list to be things that you know
  • when it doubt choose whole foods: fruits, vegetables, reduced fat dairy, whole grains and nuts… if it doesn’t come from a tree or plant or animal don’t put it in your body…. we’ve never seen a bag of cheetos growing off a tree 😉

How to fit in exercise….. when you’re too busy:

1) take the stairs instead of the elevator

  • this is a very sneaky and easy way to get some extra exercise in every day! you live or work on the fifth floor?… choose the stairs every time to incorporate mindless exercise!

2) park far away in the parking lot so you get an extra walk in

  • this is sneaky too, instead of choosing the closest spot, park a little further add some walking time to your day… even a few extra steps can really add up  source

3) if youre daring: wake up earlier before you go to work so you can go for the walk, run, or the gym

  • even if its 15 minutes to start off with, every little bit counts
  • yes its hard to get up early, we struggle with it too, but after 21 days it becomes a habit! less then a month and youll forget what those extra minutes of sleep felt like
  • that being said make sure you still get 7-9 hours of sleep every day source

Anyone have advice on what they do to make their daily routine healthier? Or the healthy choices they make daily?

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