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October 3, 2011

Now with 40 minutes left in today October 3, 2011 I would like to say happy TWENTY FIRST birthday to my other half, best friend, and co-blogger!20111003-235258.jpg

Casey and I have had a LONG eight year friendship ( the longest we both have had) and what a journey it has been.


While I have SO many pictures that I could put up here that show the evolution of Casey, myself as well, I won’t, she would have a heart attack. So I’ll keep it to the nice ones


Here’s to the best friend who:
– calls me at 3 in the morning frantic looking for advice
– I turn to when I’m in need
– the only person who can put me in my
– I expect to be standing next to me when I one day ( in the far far future) get married
– who will be my future child’s aunt
– will be with me when were old and grey, still eating healthy and working out 😉

Caseface I’m so thankful to have you in my life, friends, team mates and co workers. Happy twenty first birthday finally!!!!!!!!






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