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Weekend recap!

October 10, 2011

Hello everyone! Hope your weekend was amazing!

First things first, Casey’s finally home! Yayyyyyyy! Now I get to hear all about her trip tonight at Dance Practice!

This weekend was filled with a relaxing cooking day on Saturday with on of my team mates Sierra, and Sunday was work… at Great America! Pretty awesomeeee

Here are the highlights:

Sierra and I went to the Pleasenton Farmers Market after going to the gym

guess what this is!

A grape? Nope! It’s a baby kiwi! about the size of a grape.. how cool? they were delicious too. But pretty pricey, we bough a pound for seven dollars and they were gone by the end of the day. totally worth it though to say you’ve eaten baby kiwi’s before 😉

We then were inspired by this amazing pumpkin muffin to make our own bran muffins and pb chocolate cupcakes!

On our first trip to the grocery store we forgot the get the most important ingredient in the muffins, the bran… oops!

Good thing we did though because Sierra about had a heart attack when she saw these, honey crisp apples! Ive never seen or heard about them before but they are HUGE! And they look delicious

Sierra’s fist

When then got to baking! I we made another oops and forgot to put the bran in the first batch

Sierras beautiful photography

And then the real oat bran muffins

Both recipes will be posted tonight! And both are equally delicious.

As for the gluten free brownies….. those were a fail… we’ll have to try again next time!

Off to practice! 🙂

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