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October 11, 2011


Casey and I are currently blogging from a recording studio! Its beautiful!!! Shes been recording all day and I decided to stop by after work to see what shes been up to, were just hanging out listening to the producers edit her songs and add background instrumentals! Its such a cool process and great to be a part of. A new experience for the day!


Heres what we worked out today

3 supersets


Lateral raises 3×15

front raises 3×15

bent over row 3×15

lat pulldown 3×15


skull crushers 3×15

bench press 3×15

db fly 3×15


low row 3×15

bicep dumbell curl 3×15

back hyper extensions 3×15


Hope you have a great night! Hopefully we wont be here too late!   Were currently looking through old pictures on photobucket…. havent used that in ages! Maybe we’ll have some funny ones for you tomorrow!

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