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WGs and Warriors in the Community

October 21, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

Yesterday was such a fun filled day with work, work, and work! But you know what they say…. if you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work! And I’m always having fun.. aka nothing  feels like work 🙂

So, many people don’t this but being a part of the Warrior Girls isn’t just about dancing which we do a lot of! But we also do a lot of community events, yesterday I went to the Alameda County Food Bank with one of me and Casey’s team mates Angel. Along with over 20 other staff members of the Warriors!

You can find all the photos here from yesterdays event!

The Alameda County Food Bank serves roughly 51 thousand people every week which is two times the size of the arena, when its full!

We arrived and were given a tour of the facility

I was so excited to be there… if you couldnt tell by the picture

*In high school my mom and I used to work at the food banks all the time…I loved it… partly because it was all about organizing.. (that should have been a red flag) …..but mostly because you are helping others who are in need, and its a hands on experience.*

The facility holds about 6 weeks worth of food at a time(all stored behind us, I was intensly listening to her so I could remember all the statistics! ;))

Then we got to work! In a little over 2 hours we sorted through 38 thousand lbs of food! How great is that! And all that food will then be sorted through a few more times and then distributed.

Last year the Alameda County Food Bank distributed 22 million pounds of food, 11.2 of that was produce! I love that! Nothing else could be better than giving people fresh produce rather than artificial, processed, and packaged foods! 🙂

Hope everyone has an amazing day! Casey and I have a fun filled day tomorrow with popchips, now that we work together! 🙂



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