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October 28, 2011

Hey guys, just thought I’d talk about a topic today that is heavily overlooked in our society and one that really bothers me! The false assumption people make that being thin means you’re automatically healthy or fit…. SOO untrue! 

 Many people aren’t aware that not only does fat accumulate on our bodies under the skin (where it is most noticeable), it also accumulates internally around our vital organs- which makes it a hidden danger. This fat is called “Visceral Fat”– fat surrounding vital organs including the liver, heart and pancreas and has shown to be JUST as or even MORE dangerous than fat under the skin.  The complications associated with carrying excess internal fat include (but aren’t limited to): insulin resistance (leading to type two diabetes), heart disease and other metabolic syndromes

 Since 1994 Dr. Jimmy Bell and his team have been conducting trials and research on this matter, scanning nearly 800 people on an MRI machine creating what he calls “fat maps” to evaluate where people store fat. 

Dr. Bell found that 45 percent of those with normal BMI scores (20 to 25) actually had excessive levels of internal fat. Among men, the percentage was nearly 60 percent.

 According to his data: people who maintain their weight through diet rather than exercise are far more likely to have deposits of internal fat EVEN if they are otherwise thin.

YIKES!!!!! SO… Whats the solution!? Well, the good news is that according to researchers at Duke University Medical Center “exercise can significantly reduce the amount of visceral fat you carry around. The more exercise you do, the more of this type of dangerous fat you will lose.”

“The whole concept of being fat needs to be redefined,” said Dr. Bell

AGREED!!! Time to stop obsessing over the number on the scale and start worrying about your HEALTH rather than your weight! Exercise, eat healthy, live and love yourself! 

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