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love. without the handles

November 6, 2011

Hi friends!

Hope you’re having a relaxing Sunday!

As you most of you know Casey and I work for popchips! We talk about our events every once and a while, but we’ve never talked about what they are! So we thought it was time for us to give you the details!! Since we are both studying nutrition we thought it would be beneficial to work somewhere that would put us right in the food industry, and who better to work for than a company who is making a great name for themselves after just 3.5 years  AND why not work for a product that you buy all the time and believe in, in the first place!


There are 9 different flavors of popchips!

– original

– barbeque

-salt and pepper ( our all time favorite)

-sea salt and vinegar

– cheddar

– parmesan and garlic

– sour cream and Onion

– jalapeno (new!)

– chilli Lime (super new!)

They are never fried. and never baked. which only leads to them being popped like hot air popcorn! And that allows these tasty  all- natural potato popchips to have less than half the fat of regular potato chips, aka love without the handles 😉

check out these stats!

Now, were not telling you how much we love them because we work for them, because if we didn’t work for them we’d still be telling you how much we love popchips . It just happens to be an added bonus that we get to work for them!

Cool things going on in popchips world

Here are a few things going on over on our end that we just couldn’t keep to ourselves.


popchips and cirque du soleil  are teaming up and giving away 5 pairs of tickets to see totem on nov. 8th in san francisco! If you live in the area you must enter to win!  Just follow @popchipsSF and tweet “@cirque, #totempops!” for your chance to pop under the big top! @popchipsSF will announce the winner on monday afternoon.



popchips is teaming up with local bands to make there way to  open on the spin magazine stage in austin! you can vote for the local san franciso team, the bruises, to get them one step closer to that stage! just click here for all the information!


look at this fun car we get to ride around in- the pop mobile!




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