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Welcome to hungrydancers!

The lives of two health and fitness enthusiasts, who also happen to be best friends and share dancing as a part of their lives, for the Golden State Warriors. Amira and Casey are currently en route to becoming Registered Dieticians. Amira is studying to become, and Casey is re-certifying as personal trainers. We also have the great “popportunity” of working together doing promotions for the company popchips!

Amira is 21 and  for the past 3 years has been in Arizona going to school and studying nutrition. She recently moved back to the Bay Area to take her studies to a different college and return to her hometown. While in Arizona, Amira danced for the ASU Spirit Squad, and the Phoenix Suns Dance Team, and is now a Golden State Warrior Girl. She is currently studying to become a NASM certified Personal Trainer, as well as an ACE group fitness instructor.





Casey is 21 and has been dancing for the Golden State Warriors as a Warrior Girl for the past 4 years, while going to school and working as a personal trainer. She is currently a certified personal trainer trying to work her way up the ladder to finding the best job to fit her fitness profession goals.






***Disclaimer: We are not Registered Dieticians, we are just sharing our love of food and exercise with you! We suggest consulting a Doctor before changing your exercise or diet program. The information we share is for our education along with our readers. It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.***

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